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Buttons & Bows perform "The Joyous Waltz" to a live audience on TG4's music series 'Bosca Ceoil'.

Buttons & Bows perform "Free and Easy / The Boys of Malin / The Boyne Hunt" to a live audience on TG4's music series 'Bosca Ceoil'.

Séamus & Manus McGuire accompanied by Garry O' Briain Mandocello. Can anybody tell me the name of this beautiful piece of music? (Clip from 1990) Reply from my friend Cuchia; "Hi Mike ! That tune you're asking about is a Shetland Island's piece called " The Old Resting Chair " composed by Tom Anderson.

Séamus & Manus McGuire from Sligo play two reels-- two brothers,two fiddles, two doctors, two brilliant musicians. Seamus and Manus are from Sligo town. Seamus is a consultant in the General Hospital in Letterkenny, County Donegal. and has released a scorching recording with fellow Letterkenny resident (native of Co.

Seamus and Manus McGuire on fiddles, with Jacky Daly on accordion. Posted for St.Patrick's Day 2014. Apologies for the poor quality of the recording, but there's nothing wrong with the music ! "Connolly's / Chattering Magpies / McFadden's [?] / The Coalminer's"

Jackie Daly Box, Manus & Séamus McGuire Fiddles accompanied by Garry O'Briain Mandocello at a session in Taylor's Pub,Galway around 1990. Anybody got the name of the tune?

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